fleaTLS is available freely under the GPL v3 or the flea license. Furthermore, commercial licensing is available if neither of the free licenses is meeting the requirements.

GPL v3 License

This license is suitable for open-source projects under a GPL or compatible license. The main requirement of a GPL license is that whenever a binary is distributed, the source code must be distributed along with it.

flea License

The flea v2.1 license is a closed-source license and intended for use in closed-source end products. Source code that is under this license may not be redistributed as source code or as a library intended for linking other code to it, but only as part of a binary intended for execution, e.g. as it is the case in a typical end-user device.

Commercial License

In cases where neither the GPL nor the flea license meet the requirements, a commercial license can be obtained. Please contact to receive an individual offer.